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Unified Rules

Have a question about a particular set of fighting rules? Here you will find the rules and regulations for specific events, from boxing to MMA to Muay Thai. These rules are available in PDF format; download Adobe Acrobat Reader here

State Commissions

Need to contact your Local Athletic Comission? Search their contact information here.

Ask A Pro

Please let us know if you have any questions relating to amateur athletics, Management, Tournaments, competing, education etc. and your MMA Draft Staff and Scouts will do our best to get an answer to you as quickly as possible.

Q: What discipline should I focus more on bjj or wrestling?
Q: ive recently moved from Los Angeles To Rialto and i dont know where to go to train and get into mma since i have a tae kwon do background i want to be in something similar to jun chong tae kwon do studio. where should i go ?
Q: when is the next mma draft amateur try outs and what happens if you are selected?
Q: if you go for a double leg takedown what is the best way to block a knee to the face?
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