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About MMA Draft

MMADraft.com came about from the idea that we needed to create opportunities for amateur MMA athletes. We want to document the hard work and accomplishments of amateurs so that when they decide to turn pro, they will have a history of their career. MMA Draft will become the premier platform for amateurs to promote themselves. In addition, we offer a variety of resources to Prospects, including info on what is going on in the amateur MMA world and forums to talk with your fellow fans and prospects. MMA Draft understands that the martial arts is growing at an enormous rate and we plan to evolve with the disciplines and its athletes.

Be Discovered....

MMADraft.com is looking at kids very early in their careers. We want to find the next superstar in Mixed Martial Arts. We want to see the dedicated Amateurs at a young age, that are putting in the hard work in Karate, BJJ, Grappling, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, etc. We want parents to come on, and let us know that their child is enjoying the sport and learning. MMA Draft is building a platform for you to show the world your talents. MMA Draft also works with Managers, Sponsors, Promotions and Organizations throughout the nation looking for up and coming talent.

Events and Results....

It is hard to keep track of the growing number of combat sport competitions in the USA. MMA Draft is working with promotions, organizations, and websites both small and large, to become the central database for amateur events, seminars and results. Competitors at MMA Draft covered events with be entered into our database, stored, and ready for you to claim in your Prospect profile. What this means is that if you placed in a grappling, pankration and kickboxing tournament that MMA Draft has covered, all 3 results will be noted in your Prospect profile.


MMADraft.com will also be a place where Athletes and Parents can educate themselves in the MMA as well as other combat and amateur sports. There will be tips from the pros that cover all aspects of MMA including, where to start, how to start, moves to learn, how to market yourself, management, etc. We are here to help you succeed in every aspect of the sport!

Become Involved....

MMADraft.com is always looking to get Gyms, Teams, Organizations and other media outlets involved. If you want your gym and team to be recognized as having a lot of hard working and talented amateurs then let us know and we would love to follow up on you. If you love traveling to local events and would like to become an Independent MMA Draft Scout, then please fill out our form so you can be one of our go to field experts.
Join MMA Draft today and experience the future of MMA.
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